Learning New Skills

Excitement! I am hoping to take a class at an Society for Creative Anachronism event this weekend on how to use embroidery to put carbochons on my clothing with thread. Very eager to learn this so I can decorate a fancy tunic with stones and pearls.

There are a whole lot of Inkle loom classes too. I hope to take at least one about card weaving and one about doing pick-up on my loom. Trouble is, I think I need more than one loom!

I won’t probably get to take them, but there will also be classes on creating the atmosphere with acting out your persona. Getting more people to “play” at events makes the fun greater for everybody. Historical accuracy for the garb between events, and creating a fantasy of the medieval period for playing at events. A place for all. I delight in historical details. Research is fun. I love reading about real life in the 10th Century.