Ansteorran Longship Company

Here is a link to something very amazing! The Ansteorran Longship Company has been building a Viking Longship! Talk about an AWESOME project. I am impressed, totally impressed.

Another link: Ansteorran Longship Company Featured in History Channel Documentary.

Being Byzantine, my persona would be familiar with the Scandanavians because so many made up the Varangian Guard, and also were part of the Rus. So anything that relates, like this Viking ship, is very exciting to me!

The website is not working at the moment, but when it is, it is here. I hope when you read this it will be back working, so you can see the pictures.

This project has been going on for TWENTY years! They had to build the building to house the project, then get the right kind of wood and tools, and they had to do some smaller projects to develop the skills to build this ship from scratch. They recently turned it!! Which is a major milestone in the building of a ship. Talk about incredible!

So, go there, enjoy, have fun dreaming. Can you imaging how amazing it would be to be ON this thing?

Well, not everything runs smoothly!

We have had an interruption to our lives here. An 18 wheeler exploded and took out the windows of the workshop, caused quite the grass fire, and as the workshop is connected to the house, filled the house with the stink of the smoke. It also took out the internet and electricity. A week later, both of those are restored.  Sadly, the contents of the refrigerator got warm and had to be tossed. Small loss compared to the thousands of dollars of repairs and cleaning that restoration will take. God bless friends for all they do to keep us sane in crazy times!

So I am camping out in the RV which is not fully renovated. It is a challenge.  Hubby is cooking in the house, but I have moved my office to the RV because the smell makes me feel ill. Doesn’t bother my hubby though.

So my exploration of fermenting cabbage like in period is on hold.  I took this opportunity to explore what spices to use in it with the help of SCA cookery persons on Facebook. Say what you will about the flaws of facebook, I am enjoying the wide array of SCA folk who are on there!

I think I may have a spot for my crocks…. time will tell. LOL!