Recap some Blog Posts on Clothing

Every now and then a favorite blog of mine will make a post linking several other posts into one place for readers. I decided to imitate him and make my own page of links.

Laurel’s Prize Tourney:Garb Display Report

Resource for 11th Century Byzantine Garb


Children’s Clothing for SCA Events

Clothing and Trim

This collection brings to my mind that I need to get the camera out and photograph my collection of fabrics for garb, I need to lay out the pattern I am using for my tunics, and I need to do a series on making the garb.  It is about time I get into it. Wish me good results!

I note that I also need to add a blog post with a nice Bibliography. Best References edition!

Byzantine Dress by Jennifer Ball is my favorite book discussing secular dress from the perspective of the development of fashion.

By The Emperor’s Hand by Timothy Dawson is a good book focusing on military dress and other related clothing topics.

Dress in Anglo-Saxon England by Gale R. Owen-Crocker is a fabulous reference for early period clothing. It is the best starting point as it shows how to take the basic tunic and add to it with bags and shoes and other pieces of clothing that make your kit come alive.