Researching a Leather bag

IF a 10th century Byzantine carried a leather bag, it is likely it would have been similar to the basic satchel of the soldier, pilgrim, or book carrying scholar. So, simple rectangular bag roughly 18 by 12 inches, with a flap that came over the top and fastened down. Inside might be smaller leather pouches holding smaller items.

A whole morning spent thinking of search terms for online and the most useful searches turned up wikipedia articles on the luggage of the late roman soldier, specifically the Loculus and the sarcina, and a bag from a pdf: 1st Century Leather Roman Pouch

I read a bit of Leo the Deacon’s history where the satchel is mentioned.  I looked at any number of web sites with images.  The poor, the pilgrim, the soldier all are pictured carrying satchels.

Silk reliquary bags were shaped the same as leather money bags. Here is another nice collection of images and links.  Bags for books and pilgrim’s bags seem to have been decorated, but the Roman Soldier’s bag is wrapped with reinforcing straps and not decorated in the images.

Wealthy persons are not pictured carrying bags.  My persona does not have any servants in the current middle ages so she needs a bag and some pouches.  The smaller roman pouches found seem to have been carried inside the loculus so I shall imitate that practice.

REAL silk in a period pattern brocade

I am drooling. Simply drooling. Over THIS.  What is more, this company will make to order.  And I have this pattern from an extant bit of silk, from a book on silk in my period, and if I had a bit over 3K, yeah, US over three grand, I could have them do their minimum order.  The problem is that I do not need 50 meters, and near as I can tell, I would need to price it around $80 a meter to break even selling the extra– and who can afford THAT?

OH, but I think it would be marvelous.

Yes, they do cheaper if you go silk and rayon. But I would rather do silk and cotton if there is to be a less than totally silk version(and I would make a lot of mundane clothing out of it just because I won’t be able to afford to dress myself if I spend that kind of money on fabric just for garb).  The problem is that SILK is the perfect fabric and only slightly more costly than the silk and cotton.

Then there is a silk version with real metal threads in the pattern. sigh. drool.

If I DID lose my mind and ended up with 50 meters of a pattern based on extant 9th and 10th century fragments, would there be anyone out there who might buy some of it off of me?