Hello world!


Welcome to my blog on 10th Century Byzantine.  This is the blog of my persona in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

This is my  place to happily share my passion for the history of 10th century Byzantium.

What is planned for this blog is to post on my projects, the skills I am learning to recreate items that could have been used by my persona had she actually existed in the 10th Century.

There will be pictures to record what I have done so far along with information on the materials I used and methods.

The history here will be useful to home educators looking for a more hands on approach to the teaching of history. On occasion I will blog specifically on teaching History to children from the perspective of a teacher and a mom who taught her own children at home.

I hope this blog will resonate with my fellow SCAdians.

But to all who love History–WELCOME!