Laurel’s Prize Tourney: Armor, Weapons, Battles and the Horse

This is a broad category filled with some of my favorite displays. I placed only four artisans in this category. I wish I had been able to spend more time with them as their work is exciting!

Bridget Rede of Dunvegan’s display was located right at the door so there I began my day. A horse crazy gal from infancy, I have read and read and geeked out over horses my entire life so her display of all the things she had found that claimed to be period but she had shown were not period not only caught my eye but proved delightful. She had a nice selection of period literature and other documentation as well. I would love for her to dive in and MAKE a set of period tack so she can display what IS correct.

p1000265p1000264   Photos by Anna Maleine

Aubri de Baudrecourt had a display, complete with maps, of the battle of Lepanto. The degree of detail and his application of the techniques used to rapier showed a great deal of thinking had gone into this. I wish I had been able to talk with him more about his documentation and sources. He also was familiar with Chesterton’s epic poem about this battle and I rarely meet anyone who knows that piece.  Lepanto was one of those historic battles that saved Christian Europe from being conquered and nobody hears about it in history classes.

p1000206-1p1000209p1000208    Photos by Anna Maleine

Galen of Ockham displayed some lovely tools of navigation.

p1000215p1000216p1000217    Photos by Anna Maleine

Karl Thorgeirsson  displayed much of woodcraft, ranging from crossbow and musical instruments to chairs and drinking vessels. I did not get to ask him if he made every thing there. It looked like it. I also didn’t get to talk to him about the instrument. I wanted to pick it up and try it but without permission that wasn’t possible.  I’ll let the photos speak:



Finally, someone researching ancient roman armor. He had GREAT sources, fabulous documentation, eamples done period style and more of the substitute metal in which his project would be done. Only thing, I failed to get a name.  I love what he is doing. So, somebody tell me his name so I can friend him on facebook and pick his mind on books!