Oh FUN! A doll ideal for period clothing

I wanted a fashion doll for my kids to enjoy but wanted a healthy, intelligent looking doll. Facebook to the rescue, someone posted about a new company called Lammily.  This led to my purchase of two. I can hardly wait until they get here!  I need the doll in hand so I can begin to create medieval clothing for the doll.

I learned some of my early sewing skills by making clothing (very badly done) for my Barbie doll. But nothing really fits the body of a Barbie.  It just will not look right!  But this new doll, I can easily see this one allowing for exploration of various periods of garb at much lower cost than doing clothing full scale for myself.

The truth is, I like exercising my urge to make garb for a doll, and then only when I decide I really really want something like that for myself do I put in the effort to make it for myself.

Sort of the same reason why I like making garb for my children. Less fabric, and I can work out the shapes I need to cut to copy something from a museum photo, all at less cost to myself.

The result is a kid with garb, a doll with garb, and I had fun.

Isn’t that what this hobby is all about?